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Vision and Mission

The Organic Cotton Accelerator (OCA; “oak-ah”) focuses on creating a prosperous organic cotton sector that benefits everyone—from farmer to consumer.
Our investments tackle the challenges in the sector and realize the benefits that organic cotton can bring for people, planet and long-term prosperity.

OCA Affiliates and Partners

  1. OCA represents a significant portion of the organic cotton sector and unites key industry players committed to taking collective action in organic cotton.
  2. Our partners include brands, supply partners, NGOs, knowledge institutes and sector platforms.

OCA is committed to growing a prosperous organic cotton sector. We feel this can only be obtained by sector-wide collaboration and sharing of knowledge. By collaboratively growing what we know about organic cotton and what is needed for a prosperous sector, we grow the future together.

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Let’s grow the future together

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"EILEEN FISHER supports the Organic Cotton Accelerator because we believe in the importance of a thriving organic agricultural sector. If only a few farmers recognize the business case for producing organic cotton, we not only risk losing supply of a core sustainable fiber, we also loose soil fertility, biodiversity and clean water, three key ingredients for sustaining life."

Shona Quinn Sustainability Leader - EILEEN FISHER

“Inditex is committed to using more sustainable fibres, which is why we became a founding member of OCA to help build a viable organic cotton sector. We are working in two fundamental ways – helping farmers to become part of a sustainable value chain, and contributing to create an organic cotton ecosystem within the fashion industry.”

Félix Poza Inditex Sustainability Director

“Sustainability is at the core of Pratibha. We continuously strive to improve the organic cotton production for our supply chain and the business case for our farmers. As an integral part of OCA we endeavour to build a better organic cotton business that benefits the entire value chain. We believe that the impact created through OCA is not limited to cotton but extends to the entire agro- ecosystem and contributes to the greater good of planet and people.”

Shreyaskar Chaudhary Managing Director, Pratibha Syntex Ltd

"FiBL very much appreciates the endeavour of OCA to join forces of the textile brands to ensure the long term availability of non-GM cotton seed. This is very much needed in countries like India with 95% genetically modified cotton. We are convinced that breeding cotton cultivars specifically for organic conditions is essential not only for the small holder farmers but also for the integrity of the whole supply chain from seed to T-shirt."

Monika Messmer Head of Plant Breeding for Organic Farming – FiBL Switzerland (Research Institute of Organic Agriculture)

“Organic cotton is a core part of our 2020 goal to only source cotton from sustainable sources. Since the challenges along the value chain are shared and industry-wide, we believe that collaboration is key to address them. We are happy to be one of the founding members of the Organic Cotton Accelerator, so we can continue being actively involved in further strengthening the supply, demand and the integrity of organic cotton.”

Cecilia Strömblad Brännsten Sustainability business expert H&M and member of the IC committee 2016

"As a founding funder, we believe that OCA—a pre-competitive multi stakeholder initiative—brings the collective action, networks, funding and market leverage needed to grow the organic cotton market and ultimately improve the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of smallholder farming families."

Leslie Johnston Executive Director - C&A Foundation